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Published: 22nd November 2016
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Business mobile phone can be any smartphone that entrepreneurs primarily make use of their business. Finding the right business phone is a tough job because the market is rife with so many handsets, brands, and features to choose from. But finding the right mobile phone with the right features will not only enhance your business, make your life convenient, and help you run your business smoothly.

It is thus crucial for any business owner to choose the right business mobile on the basis of their own business needs and budget. Specially, now that the market is growing at a very fast rate, a smart entrepreneur must choose a mobile device that enables him to remain in constant collaboration with his staff from the office, as well as his clients and business associates outside of the office whenever possible.

A good business phone should support large number of contact details in its internal memory with various data fields included such as first name, last name, contact number, email, fax, and more.
Aside from all these, any efficient mobile phone for business must support storing and viewing of documents, be able to send emails at a faster rate, web browsing, and many other useful features that will be of practical use for business and will make any budding entrepreneur more competent at undertaking all other business activities. Let's go through the other various must-have features that make any mobile a complete business mobile phone.


A mobile phone can not be considered a business phone if it does not allow a user to send and receive emails. The best part of this feature is it allows you to make effective correspondence with clients and customer queries will be immediately made even if you are away from your desk or your business premises. This will assure your customers that the business is well taken care of; as they are guaranteed an instant response.


Bluetooth is a very useful feature that a business owner must consider when contemplating on acquiring a business mobile. Bluetooth-enabled devices facilitates seamless wireless file transfers, minus of course the messy cables and wires. Bluetooth even makes communication easy as you can take calls even while on the move or while driving. It saves you money as it is capable of sending and receiving files or messages at absolutely no cost to you.


GPS or Global Positioning System is yet another great feature available on most business smartphones offered in the market these days. Satellite navigation has now become one of the very common features that many entrepreneurs love about their mobile phones. This features saves you a lot of time while you are out on a business trip in a city or location that is completely unfamiliar to you. Plus, if you are in the business of logistics, you get to track packages, unnecessary deviations, or idling employees which will save you a lot in your business in terms of expenditures as well as help improve overall work productivity.

Web Brower

In the era of the Internet, business phones ‘must' have internet browsing capabilities so business owners and customer can conveniently access information with a few taps of a button.
Currently, internet browsing is so popular that many business websites have gone mobile to best cater to customer needs and inquiries. Moreover, social media have helped usher in a brand new online shopping experience for customers that made most of the websites you find online to have social media signals such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to name a few. This has brought business closer to a much personal level for the customer.

Voice Command

Voice command is an innovative feature of most smartphones nowadays. With the simple use of voice commands you can dial a mobile number, retrieve data, do stuff with your handset as you mult-task and keep your hand busy on other things at work. Voice command feature has also helped differently-abled individuals in working or managing their business effectively despite their challenging condition.
Clock, Calculator & Other Mobile Publishing Apps

Although the clock is among the simplest features you will find in a mobile device, it is nonetheless among the most important. With your clock widget, you can even see times from varying locations and time zones on your screen, which is especially useful for those who conduct business in several locations.

Calculators and currency converters are likewise two important tools that you want to conveniently have in your handset. They can come handy when you are traveling or you need to instantly do something that requires the use of these features.

Same holds true for mobile publishing and other pertinent apps, you will need them for your business as each task seem to have an equivalent apps that you can now use in your business. Making sure that your handset is equipped with these valuable features make your business mobile a ‘mini' portable computing device that you can bring anywhere, anytime, and make your business far more productive and profitable.

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